Coaches Corner

Welcome to our specialised section dedicated to our coaches to assist them with High Performance, Drills, Education & Pathways.

Scroll down to see all the latest information which has been carefully designed and prepared by Michael Brookens, Bulleen Boomers Director of Coaching, Talent Development.  Michael is also head coach of our Junior Championship 18.1 Girls and head coach of our Senior Championship BigV Championship Women’s squad.

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Ball Handling – Full court chair series

Ball Handling – Hi Five 1 v 1

Ball Handling – Pressure Ball handling

Defense – 1 on 1 close out drill

Defense – 1-on-1 to 3-on-3 Full Court

Defense – 4 On 3 Overload Drill

Defense – Five on Five Whistle Change

Defense – Man in the Hole

Defense – No Paint Defense Drill


Passing – 3 on 3 tap drill

Passing – 10 in a row passing

Passing – Free-Throw Lane 4 Corner Passing Drill

Passing – Pass and Replace

Passing – Pass and Switch

Shooting – 3 v 2 + 1 Shooting

Shooting – Elbow Shooting

Shooting – Fastbreak shooting drill

Shooting – Form shooting

Shooting – Multi purpose shooting