Code of Conduct


The Bulleen Boomers have a long and rich history one which we are all very proud of. At times each one of us can find ourselves frustrated, annoyed, insulted, and angry in relation to situations on and off the basketball court. Despite these feelings it is never appropriate to lash out, insult, swear at or even threaten any official, scorer, teammate, coach, or anyone else for that matter.

Of late my team and I have spent far too many hours sitting in tribunal hearings where, players, coaches and even spectators have been reported for any manner of offences. There never is a justifiable excuse for this type of behavior in any form sport and as a club, we have zero tolerance to this within our association.

Please remember that we are all human, we all make mistakes, and we are all far from perfect. Be patient, stay calm and simply enjoy this amazing game for what it is. Don’t let the actions of others whether right or wrong influence the way you play the game.

The Bulleen Templestowe Basketball Association believe that as members of this great club our behavior should reflect our Values:

Proud & Passionate – We’re successful and proud of our achievements and history, we love what we do, and we do it with passion and commitment.

Courageous & Competitive – Strong, powerful, driven, relentlessly competitive.

Firm & Fair – Respectful and inclusive, with zero tolerance of poor behaviour.

Grit & Grow – Strong, determined, strength of character, committed to being the best we can be, and providing a supportive environment for growth.

Connected & Caring – We’re connected to each other and key organisations, we care for each other and our community, and we are compassionate.

Let’s work hard to be the type of Community program that aspires to be the best in all we do both on and off the court. To be role models to the younger generation, to our families, friends and to our competitors.

Let’s be the first to help our opponents up off the floor when they fall. Let’s be the first to thank the officials and score table for their involvement in our games and let us all realize that we are all in this together to enjoy this fantastic sport. Remember in the end… it’s just a game.