EDJBA Junior Domestic

Welcome to the Bulleen Boomers Junior Domestic program. The Bulleen Boomers are the
2nd largest club within the EDJBA, and we pride ourselves on providing a strong competition
for your children to participate in.


Our Junior Domestic teams compete in the Eastern District Junior Basketball Association
(EDJBA) competition which covers teams from a wide part of Eastern Melbourne (from Park
Orchards/Warrandyte in the east, Eltham in the north, Collingwood/Ivanhoe in the west,
Nunawading/Box Hill in the south). Games are played on Saturdays and start at 8:30 am,
with the last game at around 9:00pm. In general terms, the younger the age group, the
earlier in the day games are held. The U17 and U19 age groups are expected to be
available for games after 5.40pm and including the 7:20pm to 9:00pm game times. The

EDJBA organizes game fixtures to take into account the team compatibilities (e.g. a coach
may be coaching more than one team). The Winter Season runs from April 2021 to mid September 2021 (School Terms 2 2021 & Term 3 2021)


EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION FEES (from 09/02/2021 to 16/02/2021)
1st Family member $277

STANDARD REGISTRATION FEES (from 17/02//2021 to 24/02//2021)
1st Family member $312

LATE REGISTRATION FEES (from 01/03/2021)
Please note no guarantee of team placement for registrations from 24th February, players
will be allocated if we have spots available which will be limited
1st Family member $342
Discount for 2nd, 3rd child etc 3%

Registrations are via the Basketball Victoria PlayHQ system .
During the registration process one parent/guardian will be first required to set up a PlayHQ
Profile Account and after successfully doing so will then be able to register their child/ren as
a family member/dependent and complete the registration.

If a PlayHQ Profile Account has already been set up for registration for previous season or to
another basketball competition (eg Primary School basketball or a senior domestic
competition) then the same PlayHQ Profile Account should be used for this and all other
registrations using PlayHQ

Please note the following:
• The parent/guardian email address used will form the login for all future registrations
for that child. Choose a personal email that is likely to be used long term rather than
a work or school email
• Another parent/guardian’s details can be added for each child
• Players over 18 should still be registered by a parent, otherwise parent/guardian
details will not be able to be entered and we won’t have contact details for parents
Please register by Tuesday 16 th February to get the early bird rate, standard registration
from the 17th February applies and closes on Tuesday 24th February. Payments can be
made via Visa or Mastercard.

Please also note there will be a Basketball Victoria Player Licence fee which is a separate
annual fee that BV now collect of $25 for players 17 and under and $39 for 18 and over, this
covers their insurance and membership to BV for 12 months. This fee covers all
competitions so if you have already paid it through Championship or Primary school you
won’t have to pay again unless it falls due before the end of season.

Age Group: Date of Birth:
U09 2012 →
U11 2010 – 2011
U13 2008 – 2009
U15 2006 – 2007
U17 2004 – 2005
U21 2000 to 2003

If wanting to play up an age group, please note this on your registration form and reason
why otherwise you will be placed into age group according to your age;
If wanting to play with friend/s all players need to request it on their registration forms. They
also need to be available for training and game times at the same time.
Friendship requests need to be reciprocated otherwise no guarantee you will placed

All late registrations will not accommodate any requests for training, friendship requests &
game day availability.
Registration does not necessarily guarantee placement.


When refunds will be considered
Refunds will only be made in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the Club
Committee. Such circumstances may include:
• Player illness or injury that means the player cannot play for at least six (6)
consecutive games. A medical certificate will be required.
• Withdrawals after first 5 rounds (including grading rounds) for medical reasons will
not be subject to a refund.
• Relocation of a player or the players family more than 20 km from the Sheahans
Road Stadium.
• a $50 administration fee will apply for all refunds. Plus, game fees for any games
already played will be deducted.
When refunds will not be considered
Registration of a player is a commitment to playing the entire season to which the
registration applies. Withdrawal of a player after registration can impact team structure,
venue planning, coaching and grading. Players who cannot commit to the season should not
Specifically (and without limitations), refunds are not offered for:
• Change of mind
• Disapproval of the team to which a player is allocated
• Disapproval of the coach allocated to a player’s team
• Disapproval of the team number or grade
• Inability to train at the allocated time or venue
• Conflicting commitments
• Basketball Victoria or EDJBA sanctions being imposed on the player, parent or


Teams are allocated a 45-minute training session per week on a Monday to Thursday night
between 4:30pm and 9:00pm during the season. The day and time of training is designed to
fit in with the availability of the coach and where possible, players. At least 2 nights training
availability need to be listed on registration form.
Every endeavour to facilitate training request will be made, however they are not

CUSTOM TEAMS / FRIENDSHIP TEAMS – Age groups U15 and Upwards

If you would like to be considered as a custom team or friendship team U15 and up
(minimum of 7 players preferably 8 no exceptions within the same age group) you will need
to note this on the registration form. You will also need to have your own designated coach
and team manager. The coach needs to fill out the ‘Intention to Coach’ form (available under
Junior Domestic – EDJBA Forms tab). Training and game day availability will be determined
based on the coach’s availability and requests from individual players will not be considered
for custom /friendship teams. The club has the option to add an eighth player if needed.
Please check all players date of births to see they all fall into the same age group.
All players need to reciprocate otherwise no guarantee they will be placed together. All
players in custom/ friendship teams need to register before the cut off date.
If all listed players are not registered by cut off date the club will add players to make up
numbers. Teams will not be juggled to accommodate late registrations.
No exceptions


All our coaches are volunteers – generally former and current players, parents or older
siblings. The club is always looking for coaches if you would like to coach please fill out the
intention to coach form (available under Junior Domestic – EDJBA Forms tab) or email
Players will not be placed in a team or places held unless registration is paid. (no

Game Day Availability:

All players in the U15, U17 and U19 age group are expected to be available for games from
5:40pm onwards. The EDJBA competition expects that you will be fixtured late games (i.e.
7:20pm to 9:00pm) for less than 50% of your games in one season.
All players in the U09 and U11 age groups are expected to be available for most game times
from 8:30am to 2.20pm

Requests & Preferences:
Although game time requests can be made on the registration form, the Club will use these
as a guide and will make every endeavour to facilitate these requests, however, please note
they are not guaranteed.
If you are not available all day a valid reason must be put on registration form otherwise
request will be ignored. (e.g. compulsory school sport & language school)
Restrictions on training or game times severely limits the teams for which a player can be
chosen. Often players are selected at a lower level because only lower level teams’ training
times suit them.
We Welcome your assistance
You can assist as coach, team manager, age coordinator, sponsor, holiday camps, Aussie
Hoops etc. Please indicate ways you can help on registration form or email
To finalize teams, registrations will officially close at midnight on 23rd February


Click HERE to register to coach