Health & Wellbeing

We at the Bulleen Boomers care about the health and wellbeing of our amazing families.  We are proud to partner with some amazing people be they professionals or just caring members to bring you a variety of useful tools and information to hopefully make life a little better.

If you or someone you know is struggling, we and our wonderful association with Dr Samantha McLeod are here to help you and/or guide you to the most appropriate.

Please reach out:


21-04-21 BigV Will Hoole Memorial Trophy Boomers & Cougars video


Dr Samantha McLeod Mental Health Webinars

Session number two focused on Male Mental Health and featured guest panellists basketball legend Terry Johnson, Club President and mental health mentor Mike Connell and Boomers BigV squad member Jack Fleming.

Watch the webinar here

YOGA with Reconnect

Wonderful sessions tailored for all ages, body and mind.  Wai Ying is sensational and the feedback has been phenomenal.  You can visit the registration page for an upcoming session and keep an eye on our social media for details on each session:

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