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In light of the changing situation regarding COVID-19 and under Government advice, all Club activities are now suspended.

While this situation will be frustrating for our members that we know are keen to return to the courts, our focus has always been on the safety and wellbeing of our community.

The Club Board is due to meet early next week and will provide further updates as information becomes available.

At this stage we have placed competition entries for our Senior Domestic and Primary School competitions on hold and will provide further update on Junior Domestic as soon as it becomes available.

We know this time will be tough for our members and our local community.

The Club has a support system in place and If you are struggling or know of a club member doing it though, please reach out to the by emailing:


#GoBOOMERS #CultureEqualsSuccess #itsafamilything #LookOutForEachOther #WeAreOneBoomers #BoomersBounceBack


The first point of contact is our club stalwart and competition convenor, Sue Scott.

You can contact her on: juniordomestic@bulleenboomers.com.au  or through reception – 03 9850 6222.

Winter 2020 Season

Registration Link:  https://www.trybooking.com/BHTWH

Coaching Link:  https://www.trybooking.com/BHRKG


All players participating in the Junior Domestic competition at Bulleen are now required to register and pay online via the Try Booking system. NO payments will be accepted over the telephone or in person (no exceptions).

As of Summer, 2019-20, the EDJBA Competition has gone cashless except for finals. Game fees, which are currently $8.50, have now been incorporated in with your registration fee. All clubs participating in the EDJBA program will be following this process.

To assist with this change we are allowing families to either;

  • pay the entire fee up-front, or
  • paying in 2 parts, the first payment with your child’s registration and the second payment due by round 6

Players must be fully financial by round 6 to be able to continue to play.

Finals will still require the player game fee which is set by the EDJBA for finals.


 Age Group: Date of Birth:
2011 and later
U11 2009 – 2010
U13 2007 – 2008
U15 2005 – 2006
U17 2003 – 2004
U19 1/7/00 – 2002


Registration Cost

EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION FEES (from  1/02/2020 to 14/02/2020)

1st Family member………..$277
2nd Family member……….$267
3rd+Family member………$247

STANDARD REGISTRATION FEES (from 15/02/2020 to 23/02/2020)

1st Family member………..$312
2nd Family member……….$302
3rd+Family member………$282

LATE REGISTRATION FEES (from 24/02/2020) 

1st Family member……….$312
2nd Family member…….. $302
3rd+Family member……..$282

Registrations after the 24 February 2020 will not be guaranteed a place. All late registrations will not accommodate any requests for training, friendship or game day availability.


Refund Policy

Registration refunds for withdrawals will only be given for medical reasons and only up till round 5 and a medical certificate must be provided, a $50 administration fee will apply.

Withdrawals after round 5 for medical reasons will not be subject to a refund.


Game Day Availability

All players in the U17 and U19 age group are expected to be available for games from 5:40pm onwards. The EDJBA competition expects that these teams will be late games (i.e. 7:20pm to 9:00pm) for less than 50% of your games in one season.   All players in the U09 and U11 age groups are expected to be available for most game times from 8:30am to 2:20pm

Requests & Preferences

Although game time requests can be made on the registration form, the Club will use these as a guide and will make every endeavour to facilitate these requests, however please note they are not guaranteed. If you are not available for certain times a valid reason (e.g. compulsory school sport & language school) has to be put on registration form otherwise request will be ignored.

Custom / Friendship Teams

If you would like to be considered as a custom team or friendship team (minimum of 7 players preferably 8 no exceptions within the same age group) you will need to note this on the registration form. You will also need to have your own designated coach.

The coach needs to fill out the ‘Intention to Coach’ form:  https://www.trybooking.com/BHRKG

Training and game day availability will be determined based on the coach’s availability and requests from individual players will not be taken into account for custom /friendship teams. The club has the option to add an eighth player if needed.   All players need to reciprocate otherwise no guarantee they will be placed together. All custom/ friendship teams need to register before the cut-off date.

Additional Information 

EDJBA Code of Conduct http://websites.sportstg.com/get_file.cgi?id=2600319

EDJBA Venues List http://websites.sportstg.com/get_file.cgi?id=1666003

EDJBA Website. http://websites.sportstg.com/assoc_page.cgi?assoc=4593&pID=1