Junior Championship: 2021 Coaches announced
U12 Boys
Rob Collinson
Alan De Leon
Dave Tomat
Ian Gook
Justin Wong
Michael Tomat
U12 Girls
Rachael McBrien
Jenny de Koning
Michael Nedelkos
Rachael Rubin
U14 Boys
Mathew Radatti
Lucas Christodoulou
Luke Sheen
Rodrigo Torres
Stuart Dorrington
Taylor Culpepper
U14 Girls
Madura Rajkumar
Chris Berndt
Claire McLeod
Derek Pangbourne
Michael Costanzo
Monica Rezkalla
U16 Boys
Alex Wilson
Benita McLeod
Jack Thornton
Jayden Geary
Miz Brmbota
Sam Thornton
Samuel McGrath
U16 Girls
Julia Walsh
Adrienne Callinan
Cheryl Chambers
Michael Brookens
U18 Boys
Nick Angove
Brian Marks
Christos Makrylos
Ian Raval
Marcel Osbourne
Thomas Bottrell
U18 Girls
Steve Griffths
Anthony Aitken
Michael McBrien
Tim Downie
U21 Boys
Mark Holland
U21 Girls

We are excited to have such an experienced group of coaches for the 2021 VJBL season who are willing to develop our players and assist in growing our already successful Club.  We welcome a number of new coaches to the Club and look forward to introducing them to our Boomers community. We would like to congratulate all of our coaches on their appointment and thank them for taking on the role.

Director of Coaching – Raquel Connell

Junior Championship Convenor – Sally Steel