Club Policies

Updated 9 March 2023

Adherence to BTBC and Basketball Victoria/Australia policies is important for the smooth running of competitions so anyone involved with the Boomers Community should be familiar with those listed below.

Basketball Victoria’s Policies

BTBC adopts many of Basketball Victoria (BV) policies which you can access here:

These policies include member Codes of Conduct, Drugs By-Laws, Member By-Laws, Member Protection By-Laws, Participant Protection By-Laws, Member Protection Statutory Declaration, Privacy Policy, Conditions of Entry, Tribunal By-Laws, Integrity By-Laws, Reports & Complaints, Working With Children Advice, Climate Policy, Hair & Jewellery Policy, and Technical Officials Commission Charter.

Basketball Australia’s Policies

BTBC adopts many of Basketball Australia policies which you can access here (

These policies include Blood Policy, Data Breach Process & Policy, Concussion Policy & Guidelines, Pregnancy Guidelines, and Communications and Public Announcement Policy.

EDJBA Domestic By-Laws

BTBC adopts the By-Laws of the Eastern Districts Junior Basketball Association for the running of its junior domestic competitions, which you can access here (

Bulleen Templestowe Basketball Club – specific Policies

In addition, to Basketball Victoria and Basketball Australia policies, there are BTBC-specific policies including:

2022 BTBC Alcohol Policy_140222

2022 BTBC Bullying Policy_140222

2022 BTBC Child Safety Commitment Summary_140222

2022 BTBC-Child-Safe-Policy

2022 BTBC Complaints Policy_140222

2022 BTBC Monies Owing Policy_140222

2022 BTBC Names on Championship Uniforms Policy_140222

2022 BTBC Picking Up and Dropping Off Children Policy_140222

2022 BTBC Privacy Policy_140222

2022 BTBC Responsibility for Game Control Policy_140222

2022 BTBC Social Media and Electronic Communications Policy_140222