Further Information

For any questions regarding our Senior Domestic program, please get in touch with our wonderful, long standing competition manager, Maureen Franklin on seniordomestic@bulleenboomers.com.au or 0412 966 047 or contact reception on 9850 6222.

Senior Domestic Competitions Information

Please use the following links to access useful information about our Senior Domestic competitions.

Senior Domestic Playing Rules

Senior Domestic Scoring Rules

Senior Domestic Sin Bin Policy

Friday Ladies Social Playing Rules

Senior Domestic Uniform Rules for Men and Women

Senior Domestic Mixed Basketball Regulations

The Club also has a Complaints Policy (see the Club Policies page under the Club Information menu) and a Complaints Officer who will investigate all complaints against any person within a BTBC stadium. Should you have a complaint of any nature, forms are available from the Venue Supervisor at all Venues.