About the program:

The Bulleen Templestowe Basketball Club’s Referee program has a rich history within the local community and provides opportunity for officials to be supported on their own referee pathway. Having experienced referee coaches and experienced referees mentor younger officials and provide feedback is an integral part of our development plan. At Bullen we are proud to say that we have current elite level representation across the state on junior and senior state level competitions as well as previous representation at a national level.

With currently over 130 members officiating on a regular basis our referee program continues to go from strength to strength. The program endeavors to create and maintain respectful and positive relationships with the players, coaches and the wider community. The referee program aims to ensure officials are able to support the strong basketball program that the club promotes.

In 2023 the Bulleen Templestowe Referee Branch was awarded Program of the Year from Basketball Victoria. This award is in recognition of positive policy, procedure, governance and referee representation. We can proudly say thank you to all our referees, referee coaches and administration who have put in an immense amount of hard work at both a local and state level.

Looking to become a Referee?

So why referee? There are many different reasons that people become referees! We have listed a few of the reasons below and if you resonate with one of these reasons keep on reading to find out more about the training program!

Here are some of those reasons our current referees referee!

  • Continue involvement in basketball in an alternate capacity.
  • Develop and enhance life skills such as communication, confidence and situational awareness.
  • To learn more about the game and the rules of basketball.
  • Be physically fit and exercise regularly.
  • To earn money with flexible hours.
  • To meet new people and gain new friends.
  • Because you think you can do better than the current referees!

Potential Referee Course Details:

At the Bulleen Templestowe Basketball Club we endeavour to hold at least 1 beginner referee training course every school term! Generally taking place the first or second week of the school term these courses consist of both theoretical and practical sessions where particpants learn the basics of officiating. We encourage any person regardless of basketball background to apply to attend these courses providing the participant is a minimum of 14 years of age at the time of the course.

Sign up link:

Referee Advisor:

The Bulleen Templestowe Basketball Referee Advisor is the head of referee program. Their role is to develop and implement the training programs for all Bulleen officials. The advisor at Bulleen works with all referees and referee coaches to continue to maintain a high level of officiating and provides the most up to date training practices and rules interpretations.


The current referee advisor is Mitchell Pratt. Mitchell has been the advisor at Bulleen since 2021 and is an active official on state and national level referee panels. Mitchell is a trained referee and referee coach with a background in the education sector. Combining his modern teaching experiences with his refereeing craft means Mitchell creates a positive learning environment that pairs theoretical learning practices, and on court experiences condusive to learning.

To get in contact with Mitchell please email:

Referee Administrator:

The Bulleen Basketball Referee Administrator is the programmer and appointments officer for Bulleen. This role oversees referee scheduling and complience to Basketball Victoria’s governance policy while liasing with domestic rostering and EDJBA competition managers to ensure we have the right referees paired and appointed to the scheduled games.

Melanie Franklin is the current referee administrator. Melanie has been involved within the Bullen Templestowe Basketball Club her entire life! Mel has played junior and senior basketball at the club, actively coaches teams and is also a qualified referee who can be found on court on a regular basis. These past experiences and real life basketball awareness allows Mel to have an indepth understanding of the clubs and referees needs!

To get in contact with Melanie please email:

Referee Branch

The Bulleen Templestowe Basketball Club has a dedicated referee branch with a volunteer based comittee that manages any referee related policy and procedure outside of the Advisors and Adminstrators portfolio. This comittee is voted in by the referee branch members and works to enhance and develop the referee’s overall experience.

2024 Referee Commitee:

President: Mel Franklin

Vice President: Lily Chrisov

Secretary: Alec Christov

Treasurer: Tricia Nicolacopoulos

General Member: Renton Walter

General Member: Hannah Willoughby

General Member: Jett Dio

General Member: Ben Willis

Referee Advisor Seat: Mitchell Pratt

Referee Branch Members

Life membership for the referee branch recognizes outstanding service in a variety of roles within the Bulleen Templestowe referee branch. Life membership is awarded to those members who go above and beyond for the branch for an extended timeframe to ensure the branch continues to develop and maintain good governance.

Life Members of the Bulleen Templestowe Basketball Referee Branch

Lyndsay Clarke

Lee Strappazon

David Radford

Bruce Davies

Steve Platenik