Junior Community League – Overview

For over forty years, the Boomers have proudly run our local Primary Schools league with generations of local families having played in and supported it.

This is a grass roots competition, a natural progression from mini ball, beginner holiday camps and Aussie Hoops. The competition is inclusive, offering different grades in each age group, allowing accommodation of all participants. Beginners are welcome – they will learn the rules and how to play basketball in a fun, friendly environment with their school peers. As players develop, progression to more challenging grade can help to improve their basketball skills further.

While the primary school competition can be a stepping stone to club and representative basketball, it can also be enjoyed for the fun, social aspect with some playing throughout primary school without ever joining a club.

This after-school program encompasses 16 local schools with about 150 teams participating. The competition is open to all children from grades 1-6, playing on Mondays to Thursdays. Games are held at Bulleen Basketball stadium, Templestowe Leisure Centre (TLC), Donvale Indoor Sports Complex (DISC) and Templestowe Heights Primary School.

We welcome all new Primary Schools wishing to take part!

Our program convener can visit your school to discuss your schools inclusion in the program and we can supply information to promote the program to both children and their parents.

The programs are generally run by parent volunteers with a school appointed delegate acting as main contact and administrator. We offer coaching clinics to all coaches and those wishing to make a start in coaching.


  • Season 1 is run in terms 1 & 2
  • Season 2 is run in terms 3 & 4.

There are finals at the end of each season.

Mini Ball Fridays at Sheahans Road Stadium

In addition to the primary school competition, we also offer Mini Ball for pre-school and prep/foundation students.

Mini Ball is entry level basketball where children play with a smaller ball, lowered rings and have the benefit of parents, coaches or older siblings running with them on the court if required. Anything new can often be daunting for a small child, so Mini Ball is a gentle, comfortable and fun introduction to basketball.

There is no scoring recorded and no finals.


Monday – Grade 5/6 Boys & Grade 5/6 Girls

Tuesday – Grade 3/4 Boys

Wednesday – Grade 1/2 Boys

Grade 1/2 Girls A, B & C grade

Thursday – Grade 3/4 Girls

Friday – Foundation

If you want to find out more, maybe create a new team or find a team for one of your children please get in touch.

Umberto Fato on compsmanager@bulleenboomers.com.au